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The book

Adam Delamorte'
6 August
About me, well, where to start... I Think my most Defining personal trait would have to be my Abillity to laugh through most Painfull situations. Most see this as a rather Emotionally-disabling quality, but i see it as a strength. My love life, as of late has left me in shambles, and need to Rediscover what i used to love about life. However, i don't feel a need to dwell on it, or Repeat the same words i say to myself every night to You, the General public. Moving on, I Spend my days either Writing, Listening to, or Bitching about Music. I Love debate, and could Discuss just about any subject (from either point of view) for hours on end. There are few things that i can't stand, to the point of anger. I can't stand Blind Hatred, Stereotyping or Ignorance in General. Despite my Over-developed sense of humor, i just can't get myself to laugh at a Racist Joke. I Value Friendship and Familly more than my Very Life. I Personally feel The worst feeling in the world, is Being Madly in love, and Not beng loved the same. I Love Animals, But Especially Like Cats. I don't care for liars, hypocrites, Cheaters, or overly pushy Religious psycho's. please do not waste my time, i've had enough. I'm also the Lead Guitarist of the popular horror-rock band, Mister Monster. Quite a bit of Travel ahead of me, Keep your eyes Peeled for Tourdates @ http://www.boowop.com